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Laser Weapons


Semicorp is the largest laser weapons manufacturer. Their line-up includes laser pistols, laser assault guns, automated laser defense turrets, laser targetting devices, motion trackers, and missle defense systems. They even produce some data systems, communications equipment, and medical equipment. Beacuse lasers travel so quickly, they are often used as the primary offensive weapon on space ships, since space ships can go incredibly fast and would have a hard time hitting each other without weapons that could go the speed of light.

Far from being a monopoly on laser weapons, Semicorp is still the most popular laser weapon brand around - a reputation which matches their products' qualities well.


Carriby Munitions

Plasma Weapons


Carriby Munitions specializes in (and is the largest distributor of) plasma weapons technology. Plasma weapons use superheated gas bursts to literally rip the atoms of their target apart. Due to the nature of plasma, many Carriby weapons double as plasma cutters (using a setting that continuously flows the superheated gas), which obviously helps to boost their sales. Plasma weapons use "ammo" consisting of condensed gases and energy charges (which are kept seperate in various compartments until firing the weapon when they are combined to produce the devastating effects). Because of this, the "ammo" has to be periodically replaced. Since the gas is consumed much quicker, it is typically replaced more frequently than the weapon's batteries (which supply the energy charges).

Because of their expertise, Carriby Munitions also make plasma cutting tools, and various other metal-working tools.


Earth Arms Manufacturing Company (E.A.M.C.)

Chemical-based Weapons


The E.A.M.C. sticks to Earth's roots, and continues to develop chemical-based weapons for Earth's multiple (but allied) governments. (They are called chemical-based weapons, because they are powered by chemical reactions.)

Advances in chemical weaponry have allowed guns to use smaller and lighter ammunition to pack even more punch than historical guns had. However, because they must place increased force on the ammunition, the guns themselves have not changed in weight due to having nearly the same amount of recoil. Still, many newer assault rifles use electric devices to load the ammo, which reduces the necessary internal volume of the weapons, allowing them to take on a variety of shapes.

Some of the most expensive chemically-propelled weapons include inertia dampers which minimize the recoil to almost nothing, and allow for a very compact, light-weight design. Elite Terra Alliance forces are sometimes issued these types of guns, and they are also highly prized by the few criminals who manage to aquire them.

The E.A.M.C. also produces most grenades, mines, explosives, and other chemical-based weapons.