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Treppia is an Earth-like planet in the Andromeda galaxy. It's surface is covered by three large continents, with many islands scattered across it's vast oceans. This is the planet where Lightfire and his crew first started their work as mercenaries.

As with most colonized planets in galaxies outside the Milky Way, settlers first arrived to the planet centuries ago from Earth - on huge ships which kept thousands of people cryopreserved for the long journey. When they reached their destination, they were thawed out of hibernation (during hibernation, the passengers' hearts still beat, but at exceptionally low rates.)

Thankfully, communication wasn't as slow as travel, so once they began colonizing the planet, they were able to inform Earth of their progress. However, multiple conflicts on this particular planet over time has left it in a questionable position.

Since communication is so advanced, most planets like Treppia haven't fallen behind the times on technology. Typically Earth would send information about new technologies, and the outer planets would report information back to Earth regarding the respective planets. However, Treppia is one of several exceptions. People who managed to smuggle guns on the hibernation ships, or who built their own weapons, revolted against the Terra Alliance's forces, gaining control of the planet. The new government, calling itself the Treppia Planetary Union, quickly imposed laws on it's citizens limiting their access to firearms and intergalactic communication devices in order to maintain control.



Ardan is an Earth-like planet in the same solar system as Treppia. It has one very large continent and several smaller ones. Its landscape is primarily covered in forests and jungles. This makes it a hard planet to build on. Because of this, it isn't a very popular spot to live. Adding to that is the fact that many criminals have decided to make this their home. The Resistance also started on this planet, and is where Blaze ran into some trouble with the Terra Alliance, who never really had very many soldiers stationed on the planet.

Over time, Lightfire has done many missions to help eliminate the crime problem on Ardan. It's a continuing problem for everyone on the planet, even for the Resistance. Despite that, the Resistance is intent on staying, as it's a good spot to hide bases from the Terra Alliance. It also offers many recruiting opportunities for them.