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4/27/07 - Friday: "Wallpapers"

Wireframed Planet

Wallpapers are available on the downloads page!


4/21/07 - Saturday: "Problems"

My computer crashed on me a couple weeks ago, and I've been working on getting everything back how it was. I didn't lose too much that was important, but because of it I'll be having problems keeping up on updating my site for a while (not that I've been updating it a whole lot as it is).

In other news, I've been working using GIMP to make a number of cool space pictures that should soon make their way into the downloads section.


3/25/07 - Sunday: "Remixed"

If you're a big music fan, you've probably heard a good share of remixes. Some of these are good, and some are much worse than the original. In any case, I just wanted to take a moment to praise the good remixes, and bash the bad ones, and I think I've just met that goal. If you remix something, make sure the instruments are approrpiate and that it actually follows a steady beat. Thank you.


1/19/07 - Friday: "Electromagnetic what?"

There is a Star Wars game called "Battlefront" and it's sequel is "Battlefront 2".  In both games, there are these electromagnetic grenades.  The "human" or "clone" team has them, and they are supposed to be used against the droid team.  Nevermind the fact that we have no idea how such devices would work per se.

But have you ever wondered why they seem to act more as an electric fence?  Apparently all they do to humans is zap them.  While this is effective enough for gameplay, I would rather see it disable any (and all) weapons that the human is carrying for a period of time.  Seriously, they are using laser guns (which presumably would build and/or store it's charge electronically).

Honestly, if it is an electromagnetic disturbance that the grenades cause, then it should disable all electronic devices including a laser gun .  That seems to be a much more realistic portrayl of what would happen then zapping the human character like they stuck a fork in a toaster - by the way, don't do that.


1/19/07 - Friday: "MMO Races"

I came up with this a while ago, and finally felt like using it somewhere, so here it is.

 The following chart shows which races from Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft seem most similar to me:



Night Elf

I know, I know, I don’t have races for the expansion.  Actually, I don’t have the expansion for WoW just yet XD

Anyhow, here is my reasoning…

Undead sometimes have what look like horns sticking out of their heads, and often look pale, both things that Zabraks have as well.

Humans just look like humans, same in WoW, SWG, and every other game.

Night Elfs remind me of Twi’leks because everyone considers them the “prettiest”.

Trolls relate to Trandoshans in the fact that their feet are never freaking covered.

Orcs are like Rodians because they are often green.

Tauren are like Ithorians because their necks are all messed up.

Gnomes are like Sullastans because they know so much about engineering.

Dwarfs are like Wookiees because their long hair and beards make them resemble Chewbacca. LOL


And there you have it, a summary of SWG races compared to WoW races.  That is all.


1/18/07 - Thursday: "Themes"

As you probably have already noticed, I've changed some of the colors and layout of my website today.


1/11/07 - Thursday: "Portfolio^2"

I've updated my portfolio, and made it easier to access by using a slightly different theme (it helps remove the clutter). I will need to do a little re-designing of the pages for aesthetic appeal, but the point is it's up and works, you can view many different projects I've worked on. Enjoy!


1/9/07 - Tuesday: "New Year"

Well it is a new year again, and I do actually have something new for you. It's a game review for the game Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales. Click here to check it out.

I've also changed the way you can access comics. Clicking the Lightfire or Gamer's Corner image links at the top will now take you to the first comic of the series. From there you can click on Most Recent to see the newest comic, or Next to view the comics in sequence.

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